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August 2015


Go Paperless and Win!

Questar Gas is giving away four $25 gift cards each day for the month of August! All you have to do is sign up for Paperless Billing, and here’s the easiest way: When you get your next gas bill in the mail, go to; Click on the green GO PAPERLESS BUTTON; Punch in your account number and email address…

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Famous Filth

Hundreds of Thousands Evacuated Lollapalooza Due to Bad Weather Lollapalooza was briefly evacuated due to severe weather yesterday.  The photos showing around 100,000 people flooding out of the exits are crazy. . . but amazingly, the action was only halted temporarily. The gates re-opened at about 3:30 P.M. local time, and the schedule was only set back about 45 minutes. Get…

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Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Naked Man Chases his Father Around with a Knife, Plays Banjo for Cops A 26-year-old software engineer, Andrew Helmsworth ran naked through his neighborhood while chasing his father with a 4-inch knife. He then barricaded himself in his home. At one point, he put on some shorts and emerged from the home with a banjo. He began playing for a captive audience of Vancouver police, SWAT…

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The Sad Story of the Hitch Hiking Robot

Researchers Wanted to See if a Robot Could Hitchhike Across America, But People in Philly Decapitated It In case you thought Philadelphia was softening up . . . nope. Two weeks ago, researchers from Ryerson University in Toronto started an experiment to see if a ROBOT could hitchhike across America.  They called it ‘hitchBOT,’ and put it by the side of…

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High Voltage Ejector Bed

Have trouble getting out of bed in the morning? My solution is to place my cell phone on the OTHER side of the room, so I HAVE to get up to turn off my alarm. I thought that was a pretty slick idea.  Until I saw this… Although it’s not really practical, I know some people who could use it!

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